Equal gains accreditation from the Living Wage Foundation

We have recently gained recognition and accreditation by the Living Wage Foundation (LWF) for our policy that all people employed by Equal (internally and as part of our teaching & support teams) are paid at least the LWF’s national living wage, which is substantially above the government’s statutory minimum wage.

Please note that all qualified teachers working as teachers through Equal are paid at least £121.64 per day (via PAYE) thus far exceeding the LWF’s living wage. All education recruiters approved under the Welsh Government & National Procurement Service (NPS) in Wales are required to pay this as a minimum and at least £60.00 per day (via PAYE) to team members working as Learning Support/Teaching Assistants.

We are committed to being an ethical employer (as a signatory to the Welsh Government’s Code of Practice for Ethical Employment) and to promoting ethical employment throughout our network of partners and suppliers.